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Not Just a Critic, but a READIC

Aspiring reader, Film enthusiast, and so much more! I'm Marcey and I like to believe I have potential in all academic areas. I tried sneaking into a soccer game dressed up as the ball, but they kicked me out.

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Readic is a book blog that was created in 2014, that focuses on young-adult books. All posts and reviews are written and posted by Marcey, the founder and blogger. I have a bold understanding in characters and books. I love sharing my opinion with others and reading theirs. I write short reviews, but I put a lot of meaning in them.


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Hey! My name is Marcey and I’m still a student in school. I love reading on my down time (obviously). But I’m not just a reader. I enjoy doing many other things as well. I can play the violin and viola. I’m a huge movie/tv show geek. I’m a photoshop enthusiast. I find so much inspiration from books and its characters that I feel like trying new things and changing myself as well.


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